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Legal Insanity : Sam rolled jeans.
For Belleza Jake, Slink Physique, Signature Gianni, Aesthetic Enzo, TMP.

[AR2 Style] : Menny Tattoo – EXCLUSIVE  for  MOM

Taken @ Devin


[Hipster Style] : DAVID Combo pack (tattoo, beard, eye brows, neck tat, face tat)
EXCLUSIVE for The Crossroads Event (May Round)

Legal Insanity : Adam baggy jeans

neu schuhe2

Legal Insanity :  Rhys loafer  @ The Crossroads Event 

/Ascend/  : Exclusive release for TMD !!  Smith blazer with tank top

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Legal Insanity : Teo shorts with leggings @ Shiny Shabby

Legal Insanity Teo t-shirt  @ Shiny Shabby