“Caution is not cowardly. Carelessness is not courage!”


//Ascend// : Roy Hooded T-Shirt @ TMD

//Ascend// : Silvester Joggers @ Fameshed

no.match_ : NO CARE  @ Cosmopolitan 


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears!”

alles ausser tattoo is mom_003.png

i.mesh :  Roberto hairstyle for Hipster Men Event

[Gild] : Rusted padlock bracelet for Hipster Men Event

.Facade. : Demons Tattoo @  MOM

Darzt : Beard Bento Steel (Daniel) for Hipster Men Event

OUTLIER : Astrid Denim – Onyx [FitMesh] for Hipster Men Event

Grey Style : Shirt Sian FP for Hipster Men Event

**RE** : ReVoX MVX Watch A – Male


“I would love feeling your nails digging into my skin……”


~TDC~ Wingback bed

This bed both classy and sober comes with a large choice of textures and animations. It could fit in many different room decors, from modern to classic and art deco or victorian settings.
Some of the textures have materials. This is highly recommended that you come see all the textures inworld.

– Wall lamp multitexture included (LI 1~2)

The bed has a land impact of 6 prims.

– 61 couple cuddles & couple sleep animations
– 168 couple adult animations

Xenials :  Relax 98 Sweats [Gianni]  @  MOM

RedFish : American Tattoo  for HME

Soul Identity :  Bag decor V3 c4 @  MOM

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

gym hair tat hose pose_006 neu.png

no.match_ : NO BUNNY Easter GIFT

Ana Poses : Munich Pose #2 for HME

Oz Design : Tattoo Soul – v1 for HME

AGATA : Brad pants for HME

InsurreKtion : Training Room – high quality Mesh for HME

[IK] The Training – Adjustable Dumbbells – 1 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Adjustable Dumbbells Rack – 2 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Barbell – 1 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Barbells Rack – 4 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Decline Bench – 1 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Dumbbell Weights A – 1 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Dumbbell Weights B – 1 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Dumbbells Rack A – 1 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Dumbbells Rack B – 2 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Exercise Mat A – 1 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Exercise Mat B – 1 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Punching Bag – 5 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Speed Bag – 1 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Swedish Ladder – 3 L.I.
[IK] The Training – Weight Lifting Station – 3 L.I.