“Beauty is a matter of opinion.” 😁

hoorenbeek : NG Outfit Farrell ( Shirt, Jacket, Pant, Belt, Shoes, Sunglasses )

Birth: ‘Bonesie’ Animatd Skull – UNISEX – Group Gift !

L’Emporio&PL: Tormento finger gloves with claws @ The Dark Style Fair

“The dark side has tricks and treats.”

L’Emporio&PL:  Vulnus Barbed wire for ears / BENTO @ MOM

L’Emporio&PL:  My Nails Graphic Glass -Bento

[Gild] : Speaker cord on body

Birth: Freddie’ skin for Lelutka Tone #1 @ Man Cave

no.match : NO WISDOM @ MOM

CarolG: Guardian Male TaTToo 50% @ MOM

“You do it your way – I do it my way !”

Birth  : Roman Skin Tone #4 for Catwa HDPRO George @ Uber

L’Emporio&PL: Lugosi Mouth chain @ Man Cave 

L’Emporio&PL:  Kick It Bandage Rings

Gloom : Face Enhancer – Scars @ MOM

Unorthodox : Jabi facial chin hair

CATWA : HDPRO “George“. HDPRO is totally new level that you have never seen before in second life. HDPRO is a new range of advanced Bento mesh heads, created by Catwa Clip of CATWA store. They have many new features (some of which have never been seen before on the Second Life grid), new smoother rigging, high definition textures and materials, and an improved UV mapping that’s now as close as possible to the default Second Life UV. It is also the first Catwa head to feature the new Universal Neck that you will begin to see more of around the grid.

“Doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one.”

L’Emporio&PL: Destiny Nose Chain @ MOM

L’Emporio&PL: Elements Bento Rings

amias :  Alem Necklaces @ TMD

amias : Fabio Bracelets @ MOM

[MF] : Military Grooming Hair @ TMD

Birth  : Ozias’ Lelutka Skin Tone #4

Top Striker : Awesome Celtic body tattoo “SAI” – unisex. Taxi to Main Store

Madame Noir: Chocolat Eyes @ MOM

“Sometimes I’m grateful that thoughts don’t appear as bubbles over our heads!” 😋

L’Emporio&PL: Evo Bucket Hat @ MOM

Birth  : Lazarus Skin Tone #4 BoM

Top Striker : Sexy mole for girls and boys (2 versions) – it´s BoM. Main store

Deep Static: Thompson Glasses @ MOM

MESHMAFIA : Supreme Face Bundle @ MOM

Invictus : Interactive Jacket @ Man Cave . See Add

CATWA : Mesh Bento Head “Daniel”

“I know looks aren’t everything, but I have them just in case!”

L’Emporio&PL: Gun Drum middle rings @ MOM

L’Emporio&PL: Bullet top hat @ MOM

L’Emporio&PL: Bullet bracers @ MOM

L’Emporio&PL: Athan Mesh Ears with Piercings

Birth  : Lazaus Skin Tone #1 for Catwa BoM

CATWA : Mesh Bento Head “Daniel”