“I just wanted you to know that somebody cares. Not me, but somebody does.” 😁

birth skin no match  mf top striker_005.png


TOP STRIKER : Hair base “Get out” with Tattoos.

TOP STRIKER : Catwa neck tattoo “Paws” with left or right option. Also for classic Avatars. Yea it´s unisex !

Birth  :  ‘Disco’ Shades

Birth  : Blaze skin Tone #7

no.match_ : NO ASPECTS @ Hairfair

MF : Victor Bento Viking Stache & Beard  @ TMD


“Life is just a chance to grow a soul.”

vango natic gild vendetta birth_011 2.png

TOP STRIKER :  Combo “Hater” with facial hair and face tattoo´s !

For Catwa mesh head and classic avatars. EXCLUSIVE for  xxx Original Event !

Top Striker is looking for cool blogger !

Fill your application HERE

[VENDETTA ] : Jason Skin T6 @ MOM

Birth  : ‘Tribal Arrow’ Scarification Appliers @ FANTASY FAIRE 2019

[Gild] : Mesh leather necklace @ MOM

Vango: Noah men hair @ MOM

FashionNatic : ALAN Jogger Pant @ MOM

K&S : Nathan Bento poses @ MOM

K&S : Sea front /Backdrop @ MOM

“The cock, that is the trumpet to the morn”. :P

COCK 2.png

Birth  :  ‘Mr Smooth’ Bento Cock v1.02

‘Mr. Smooth’ Bento Cock @ Mainstore. The ultimate man toy is afoot. A cannon of a lovestick- moving, pulsing, growing, rubbing, a true bento cock. 24 Moving bento animations [pulsing, stroking, humping, all useful when you getting it on. 20 erection state poses in 4 different lengths. (180 degree angles). 20 rotation poses (rotates entire cock and balls). Lots of tattoo/ effect overlays (includes saliva and cum). Glow, shiny, transparency settings. Change balls heights.

“I give thanks everyday that I’ve been able to take my craziness and make it work for me!”

custom smeaker_001.png


::GB:: Take me leash 2018
Compatible with Catwa BENTO head
Male include 6type/ Daniel, Dino, Victor, Skell, Shaheen, Stanley

Female include 22type/ catya, Blueberry, Lee, Margeaux, Strawberry, Eva, Steffi, Kittia, Keme, Ciara, Uma, Lilly, Magy, Sofia, Hanako, Kimberly, Lilo, Kathy, Lona, Tala, Pink, Koura

White / Black (3 color change metal color)

Now @ Kinky Event

Birth  : ‘Benjamin’ Catwa Skin Tone #4

CATWA : Mesh Bento Head “Daniel”