LRD : Jim (Special Edition )


LRD Outfit Jim (Pants / Blouse) Special Edition

Wow! this Pants and Blouse are just Fabulous in 10 outstanding designs/colors Controlled by HUD.


Set contains:
Blouse / Pants
HUD controlled 10 design/colors pants and blouse

Made by LRD Design


FashionNatic : Newbold Outfit


MESH Newbold Outfit FashionNatic

This outfit contains:

* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Shirt
* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Jeans Pants
* 5 sizes Rigged Bandana
* 5 sizes Rigged Belts
* Sneakers (resizable)
* HUD to choose 8 Colors for the Pants, 15 Colors for the Shirt , 10 Colors for the Boxer and 6 Colors for the Belt.
* Alpha

Made by FashionNatic

::ZED:: Black “Can’t Touch This” FULL OUTFIT

FULL Version ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: “Can’t Touch This” FULL OUTFIT, Baggy Pants, Belt, Liquid MESH Sweater & Boots – Black

► AVAILABLE in 6 Metallic Glitter Pants Colours – see related items!

►► ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: Black “Can’t Touch This” Full Outfit – including Baggy Metallic Glitter Pants, Studded Leather Belt, Liquid Mesh Preview Sweater (Inc STD Sizes) & Chained Leather Boots – FULL

►►► FEATURES: MATERIALS ENABLED. It’s Hammer Time at ZED’s with our HOT NEW “Can’t Touch This” Full Outfit with Materials Enabled Baggy Glitter Pants, Studded Belt & Liquid MESH Preview Sweater (Standard Sizes also Included).

All in Rigged MESH & that’s not all – You also get the Chained Leather Boots with Removable Resizer including Stretch & Remote!

Outfit available in 6 Colours of Metallic Glitter Baggy Pants. 10% Off Inworld – What are you waiting for – Grab a DEMO today!

::ZED:: Resizer – Now you can give REMOTE ACCESS to someone nearby to help you stretch, resize, move and rotate your new ::ZED:: Item. Yes with this resizer, your friends can edit / fit your ::ZED:: item while it’s attached to you or when it’s rezzed on the ground – BUT ONLY IF YOU ALLOW IT!

Made by ::ZED:: DesignZ