“Collect moments – not things.”


Ascend: Kevin Sweater

Location : Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66


“There are some defeats more triumphant than victories!”

colin tat male 2 pose2_006 new.png

TOP STRIKER : Tattoo “Colin“.

Very cool tattoo ( arms, chest, back, belly, neck, hands).

Natural fade.
* Appliers HUD Omega System ( for compatible body and hands ).
* Standard Avatar Tattoo
* Belleza Applier
*Signature adds Tattoo with Omega HUD automatically- no need relay HUD.


RM ~Art of poses ~  that makes your image !

Now you can pose everywhere on no rezzing sims ! MALE 2 pose HUD with 5 cool guy poses for your photography.
No cheap preloaded poses which no one needs. Only EXCLUSIVE high quality works, modern and made for your mesh avatar ( works also with SL AVA ) ! Bento poses !
Never was photography so easy.

no_match  :  NO SURPRISE

Ascend: Mikel Jeans

“Women spend more time thinking about what men think, than men actually spend thinking!” :D


On Roy (left):

RM ~Art of poses ~ :  Pose MALE SET 4

TOP STRIKER : Cool men Tattoo “Clyde”  ( arms, front, back )

Ascend : Punk Bento Gloves Unisex

On both :

Legal Insanity : Chester baggy pants @ Fameshed

Legal Insanity : Reed TShirts @ Equal10 Event

Taken @ Devin´s Eye