“I may not be able to give you everything but one thing is for sure, all I am is yours.”

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~TDC~ : Adirondack Chair Multi Texture – PG or Adult version.

This chair contains :
13 female and 14 male single sit animations
10 cuddles
9 bento cuddles


UNISEX ! Cool leg tattoo “FAB”  (front and back side). Natural fade.


MOVE Animations Cologne DENNIS Vol.3


NEW MALE BENTO DANCE-STANDS “DENNIS VOL3” OUT NOW @ MOVE! NEW MALE DANCES/STANDS from “DENNIS” just arrived. They got some really slow Animations, which can be used to be easy and leisure standing and dancing! The Dances have been recorded under real Clubbing Conditions. #BENTO#COOL#CONFIDENT#MALEISH#DENNIS#SLOW

Owwww   btw :  almost all dances are  unisex  😛

Link to Video 🙂

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