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Devin´s Eye


Welcome to Devin´s Eye ❤
Unique – 2 sims in 1 !

Devin 1 : A wonderful sim , full of nature, landscape, cuddle places or just hang outs.
Take your lover to a romantic dance, enjoy the view from our pier or relax at beach.

Many amazing photogenic spots awaits you – a paradise for all photography lovers.

Taxi Devin 1 : maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Devins%20Eye/131/72/23

Devin 2 : Extraordinary desert sim in Africa style with wild animals surrounded by fabulous sand, photogenic spots and sandstorm. Realistic Africa feeling – you will love it.
Devin 2 was build as one of the first Desert sims like this. Few tried to copy, but we are the original 🙂

Taxi Devin 2 : maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Devins%20Eye/64/166/2970

Devin´s Eye Opening

Snapshot_068 wasser bw.jpg

I´m proud to announce we can open our Devin´s Eye sim ❤

We will open on 2th June with a great concert with Wolfie Moonshadow on stage from 12 pm slt.

I put all my love and passion into building the sim, much cuddle places, or dance or just hang out with your lover or friends.

I made a lot of wonderful photogenic spots for all photography fans, you will love it 🙂

Come and join our Devin group at landing point. It will give you rezz rights for small things.

Yaaaayyyaayyyyyy…….. WE ARE BACK <333