[ hoorenbeek ] : My Style

1) Leather Boots – Heritage – Gritty Black (Materials Viewer ready)
If you are reading this is because you are looking for some of the best boots you can find on the Grid.
These boots will fill your needs. Iconic, classic, timeless are some of the words to describe these versatile and cool looking boots. But it´s not all about their look.
These amazing boots come in 4 different versions and they will give you a lot of chances for customization.
First, let´s talk about the options:
1. A short version to wear under your pants
2. A regular version to wear with cargo shorts, capri pants or rolled up ones.
3. A tall version, also to wear with shorts, capri and rolled up pants and with our versions of pants for boots (ie: Mesh Original Jeans, Mesh Leather Pants, etc)
4. A regular version with socks. You can wear these with the same kind of pants that the regular ones, but with socks. This version will look awesome if you match it with our Mesh Cargo Shorts.

Now, let´s talk about customization:
Since these boots come with all these options, you can go further and tweak them a little for a perfect look. Change the color of the socks or the color of the sole and you will have some UNIQUE and exclusive boots. Also, you can tint the whole color of the boots (or just the laces) and get the perfect tone to match your outfit.

2) Mesh Coat – Chesterfield – Grey
If you are looking for a classic, timeless, elegant, versatile and unique product, this is it.
Did you see any formal coat on the Grid that allows you to wear it over a suit jacket?
No, you don’t. This is the first one. This amazing coat comes in many options and will give you the chance to create your own style.
Check the pictures to see how many variations you will have with it. Even if you are not a Mesh fan, you will love this coat.
And there´s more: In the bag, you will find shirts, shirts with ties (open and closed), turtlenecks, scarves and a closed jacket with texture changer HUD, so you can wear it with different suit colors, giving you that sharp look like nobody can.

You wont find a better one, and certainly, no coat on the Grid will give you all these options.
Get a formal look wearing the shirt with tie or a more cool and casual look with the turtleneck, the scarf or the basic shirt. Find out how versatile this Chesterfield coat can be.

Made with the finest low polys, carefully rigged and with handcrafted textures, this montgomery will give you the chance to get the style you want.

The bag includes 3 sizes for a perfect fit with almost any shape on the Grid (check the images).
Enjoy our dedication and care for detail with this amazing jacket and wear it in style.

Experience [ hoorenbeek ] yourself.

AITUI : New Releases

ears new and tattoo
* Brand new for 2015: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, Pierced
They have introduced a new feature: Not only have added TATTOOS, now you are able to seamlessly switch between different ear styles via the included HUD.
This allows you to instantly change up your look without the hassle of detaching and reattaching your ears.
*High detailed mesh w/HUD control
*Seamlessly switch between 3 different ear styles!
*Original, Prominent, Formal ear styles
*20 skin textures custom matched to today’s hottest skins!
*18 tattoos w/tinter + on/off
*5 pierce sets w/tinter + on/off
*3 metal textures: black, gold, silver

/////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////

* Cool new upper body tattoo ” FLIGHT OVER FEAR”
in 3 shadow tones.

Made by AITUI

RM ~ Art Of Poses ~ Please

please pose2
Art of poses – that makes your image !

This beautiful pose ” Please ” i made, is a very artistic and dramatic pose for men and woman.
Super for any art images.
Copy version

Custom requests are welcome ! Just for you poses are for 60 ld in- world !

For better performing use my pose ball.

Taxi to my store HERE

Made by RM ~ Art Of Poses ~