sharp by [ZD] My choice


This week  i picked  the black  cool mesh hoodie shirt  “Val”  from  sharp , available  in 5  colors Black, Red, Slate, Steel and White.  It comes  in different  sizes  plus  alpha.

I  added to  my outfit   a  slim leather jeans in black.  Its also  mesh.  Together  a  cool   look  for cool  guys !

sharp by [ZD]  in a men´s world !

sharp by [ZD] My choice for the next season

sharp by [ZD] JAMIE MESH CARDIGAN with TEE coal_002

Well  guys   the  next  season   is coming soon and  this is what  i  have  chosen   for  the

beautiful  autumn  from  the [ZD]  collection :

* sharp by [ZD] – “Jamie” Cardigan with tee – coal

This item contains the jacket, a  cool shirt   and the scarf.  Its mesh – so  please  try  demo  first.

* sharp by [ZD] –  “Cooper” Chinos pants coal

The pants are fully mesh and will be delivered in 5 different sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL + Alpha Layer 

* sharp by [ZD] – “Amos” Ankle Boots

High quality texture.The boots are fully mesh and come with a build-in re-sizer (+ stretch).

sharp by [ZD] in a men´s world !