Gabriel @ Creation JP


Gabriel has new release @ Creation JP :

Cool spring shirt that makes you really feel good. Comes in 8 exclusives designs.

A must have for the coming spring 🙂

Taxi to event HERE

Made by Gabriel


[ hoorenbeek ] Cool Style


* Mesh T-Shirt – Buttoned – Grey

These cool tees come with all the options you will ever need, giving you the chance to create new styles and expand your possibilities for new looks.

They include many different versions as::

Long and rolled up sleeves, both versions include Untucked and Half Tucked styles to wear with our pants and jeans, letting you show the belt buckle for high rise and low rise pants.

The half tucked version includes two styles; check the pics to find out how many options and looks you will get.

Also, these tees include versions to wear with jackets and blazers.

With 6 plain colours these tees will become an SL classic..

A must have in any wardrobe.

And of course, the t-shirts come in 3 sizes to fit almost any shape on the Grid, and all the alphas you need, including some full body options too.

* Mesh Jeans – Worn Out – Washed Blue

These fantastic worn out jeans share the same options that one of our best selling products; our Mesh Original Jeans.

Like the Original Jeans, these new ones will give you all the options you need and certainly, more options than any other jeans on the Grid.

The worn out look on these jeans is amazing, they have options to wear with different kind of footwear and include 4 belt styles.

Don´t waste your time looking for other jeans. These will give you the look you want.

Made with the finest low polys you can find, carefully rigged and with handcrafted textures, these jeans will give you many options.

Every colour includes Low and High Rise versions, options to wear the jeans with or without belt and 4 different belt styles (brown, black, silver or gold belt buckle). Just check the contents on the box. You will be amazed.

Also, they match perfectly with their other Mesh Products.

Enjoy the dedication and care for detail with this amazing jacket and wear it in style.

[ hoorenbeek ] Complete your Second Life

RONSEM : My Choice

RONSEM : My Choice

* Rollup Jeans / deep*
Belt,Boxer: Texture change HUD
Permission: Copy
Two kinds of length

* Roll up shirt / medium*
Rigged Mesh – Size: XS / S / M / L (Standard Sizing)
Inner T-shirt: Color Picker HUD (Base textures: black & white)

* 5Hole Boots / brown*
Mesh 5Hole Boots (unisex)
Boots with socks,and boots without socks (Two versions )
Socks: 9 texture changes
Adjustment: re-size

Very cool outfit for cool guys 😉

Made by RONSEM</p>



► AVAILABLE in 3 Colour Combos – see related items!

►► ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: Phoenix FULL Outfit, Black Hoodie, Black Sweater, White Shirt, Black Baggy Trousers/Jeans & Studded Black Sneakers – FULL.

►►► FEATURES: MATERIALS ENABLED. We take full advantage of the new viewer Materials with the most exquisite of details rendered when you enable advanced lighting.

We’re proud to present our Newest Release, The Phoenix Full Outfit!

A youthful urban look with Ribbed Sleeve Hoodie, Sweater & Shirt, Baggy Trouser/Jeans & Studded Black Sneakers.

Available in 3 Colour Combinations: Black Hoodie, Sweater & Trousers, Brown Hoodie, Blue Sweater & Blue Trousers, Mustard Hoodie, Red Sweater & Light Blue Trousers.

All Materials Enabled.10% Off In-world!Try your DEMO today.

::ZED:: Resizer – Now you can give REMOTE ACCESS to someone nearby to help you stretch, resize, move and rotate your new ::ZED:: Item. Yes with this resizer, your friends can edit / fit your ::ZED:: item while it’s attached to you or when it’s rezzed on the ground – BUT ONLY IF YOU ALLOW IT!

Made by ::ZED::

KMADD Moda ~ Ringer Muscle Tee

KMADD Moda ~ Ringer Muscle Tee

KMADD Moda Ringer Muscle Tee (black & white) feature black graphic on white t-shirt (6 designs). Featuring realistic texture & wrinkles for body conscious fit, sexy red tag at the bottom of the shirt for detail, contrasting ringer in dark color on collar, sleeve & bottom.
Standard sizing (XS, S, M, L, XL) + Texture HUD. Perfect wardrobe essentials.

No unpacking needed – this product is ready to wear!


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