“Don’t try & prove something to me that you haven’t been able to prove to yourself.”


::GB:: Gabriel : Half top jacket @ TMD July Round

..::SAMURAI::.. : Dong Mesh Head Default Tone

[AR2 Style]  : Stephan Tattoo

**RE** : Brutal Necklace – Male



“Sometimes you have to do things on your own, just to prove to yourself you have the strength to.”


TDC  : Retro Camping Set Multi-texture – Adult – includes  bed,
2 versions of chairs and tent.

TDC  : Retro Camping Table Multi-texture.

Ascend // :  Redfoo TankTop & Shorts.Exclusively @ Men Only Monthly.

..::SAMURAI::.. : Eito Exclusive E01 Mesh Head – default tone.

[Hipster Style]  Markus Est 1988 Tattoo including  much appliers @ MOM .


“When life changes to be more difficult, you must change to be even stronger”

new  skinapplier samurai23

SKIN FAIR 2016 ( 11th – 27th March )
::SAMURAI::..AESTHETIC Valozi Full Body Skin HUD

This Hud contains all new facial hairs, hair base, body details and eyebrows. This applier works with the original Aesthetic Head and Body.This applier works in conjunction with the original Aesthetic HUD’s Toning function. Therefore, all the tones that are available on their HUD , could be adjusted to your liking.

Special Note:
If you find the head has a different tint after applied the applier. Try wear the Aesthetic HUD and choose the zero tint button. Then it will reset the head and body to same tint.