LRD : New Release !


LRD Dr. Dre Pants

This is gangsta baggy.
So many options!! you will always look different !!

The pants is available for men and women.

The pants is HUD controlled and give you the option of:
26 color/designs pants
44 colors/design boxers
44 colors/design bandannas
17 color belt

6 Button option

Made by LRD Design


LRD : New Releases !!


Jacket w/hoodie Simon HUD controlled.
Cool jacket with hoodie. You will not walk into the same prints jacket in the grid because the designs are own made. So you will be different.

What do you get in the HUD:
24 color/designs jacket
24 color/design hoodie
20 color T-shirts
8 inside sleeve colors


Low jeans w/boxer Male HUD Controlled
This pant is just the pants you need.
Its jeans in many colors and it has a cool boxers under it. You can wear it with a bullet chain and a belt.

The pant is HUD controlled and give you the option of:
30 color/designs jeans
26 colors/design boxers
9 color belt
6 metal colors chain
6 Button option
20 color/design suspenders
17 designs buttons

My opinion : awesome cool combination with a lot lot lot options to change the look….and : love the cool boxer popping out 😉

Made by LRD