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shirt badass neu_001

New release from KlubWerk !!

Hoodie GREG with cool rude text ^^
4 different available 😛

Cool stuff 😉

Get your taxi to KlubWerk Fashion now !!


suede botts skinny pants_003

Mixed some cloths today and got this outfit :

Ronsem Hoodie Raids ( gray )

Gabriel Skinny pants – available in few different styles

Gabriel Suede Boots with color HUD

sharp Mitch leather gloves ( black )

Happy Holidays 😉

shane hoodie_002
D-Style have this new Hoodie SHANE !
Its mesh and comes with few sizes – also you get a HUD to change
texture of jacket ( 20 for jacket and 8 for shirt )

Made by D- Style

MESH Myles Male Outfit FashionNatic / HUD Driven

This outfit contains:

* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Jacket with Hoodie
* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Pants
* Mesh Shoes (resize script)
* HUD to Choose your favorite style for the Jacket , Hoodie, Laces and the Parts
* Alpha (multiple versions for other viewers)

Made by FashionNatic

Presenting you this cool outfit i have chosen from sharp…..THE shop for cool guys!

* sharp by [ZD] – “Henley” Jeans Shorts with Belt. High quality mesh and texture.
Model: Grey – see related items for more options.
The shorts are fully mesh and will be delivered in 5 different sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL + Alpha Layer

*sharp by [ZD] DEVLYN MESH HOODIE black….. perfect hoodie for me but there are other styles too …just check out in store.
The hoodie is mesh too and also come in different sizes.

Make your own style with stuff from sharp by [ZD]


This week  i picked  the black  cool mesh hoodie shirt  “Val”  from  sharp , available  in 5  colors Black, Red, Slate, Steel and White.  It comes  in different  sizes  plus  alpha.

I  added to  my outfit   a  slim leather jeans in black.  Its also  mesh.  Together  a  cool   look  for cool  guys !

sharp by [ZD]  in a men´s world !

sharp by [ZD] VAL HOODED MESH SHIRT steel_005

sharp by [ZD] – “Val” Hooded T-Shirt  Model: Steel

High quality mesh and texture.

The hoodie is fully mesh and will be delivered in 5 different sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL + Alpha Layer

 sharp by [ZD]  in a men´s world !

meshTheory :  Men´s Hoodie

~~ нєℓℓσ тнυєѕ∂αу ~~

meshTheory presents this week a cool men Hoodie in different colors. Check out for more at store !
Cool shirt for every day. Comes in different sizes.

Made by meshTheory

In cooperation with Cosmopolitan Sale Room

(Red) Sand Outfit Hoody Hood

(Red) Sand :
Rigged Mesh in sizes XS – S – M – L – XL.
Mesh short jeans
Hoodie with 7 HUD options
Mesh shoes
Mesh male necklace

(Red) Sand fashion what makes men look good

Made by (Red) Sand

Zyzzy Sleeveless Hoodie

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Zyzzy Sleeveless Hoodie

Mesh shirt in grey or black. Really cool !

Comes in different sizes.

Made by ZYZZY