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Scandi Summer Dreams Gacha at Gacha Guardians Jul 1_009ee

sharp by [ZD] new gacha set “scandi summer dreams” for Gacha Guardians.

* Scandi House RARE
* Cold Summer Soup
* Deco Basket
* Design Book
* Hammock Chair GoG2
* Outdoor Rug
* Outdoor Table
* Pillow Chest
* Scandi Chair (ani)
* Stool
* Trunk Bench (ani)
* Outdoor Lamp

Event starts July 1st and lasts until July 31. Important!! The House is the RARE. In addition 2 items are marked GOG (GIFT OF THE GUARDIANS) these are Bonus items to collect for the players who play the machine more than 10 times. Good Luck 🙂

shine by [ZD] SCANDI SUMMER DREAMS Gacha Key.png

shine by [ZD] SCANDI SUMMER DREAMS GoG Poster.png



New Gacha! SPESIAL PRICE! 50L 1 play.
Compatible with Classic / TMP / Slink / Signature.
Japanese event @ Yanfes!


sharp by [ZD] : OH MY GARDEN Gacha *Promo for TGG

Coming for the  Gacha Guardians starting April 1st . GOG marked items are exclusive Bonus items for the players which can be won in addition to the rare item by pulling pulling pulling 😉

Many many many cool items for your garden. Let´s play 🙂



New release “LUMBERLAND GACHA” exclusive Shiny Shabby  event 20th March-15 April.



no.match_ : NO CHOICE @ MOM


Cool GACHA stuff from Gabriel @ The Epiphany :

.::GB::Body chain RARE

.::GB::Stand collar shirt

.::GB:: Loofah collar jacket

.::GB:: Boots in Pants

Good luck @ The Epiphany



[AR2 Style] :  Circuit Tattoo exclusive @  the Bodyfy Event

::GB::    Feather Vest   @ The Fantasy Gacha

::GB::    Cross body belt  @ The Fantasy Gacha

::GB::    Ringnecklace   @ The Fantasy Gacha

Compatible with—–
Classic / TMP / Slink / SIGNATURE / ADAM / Aesthetic /


Its Epiphany GACHA !

  1. ::GB:: open jacket
  2. ::GB:: long tank
  3. ::GB:: pants with boots

For classic avatars, Slink and TMP
Main store ::GB:: Gabriel


shine by [ZD] presents new pretty GACHA stuff for
the “Gacha Guardian” !

shine by [ZD] Tales from the forest Gacha * Ruins small (3 LI)
shine by [ZD] Tales from the forest Gacha * Tree stumps (5 LI)
shine by [ZD] Tales from the forest Gacha * Rock & Weed (3LI)
shine by [ZD] Tales from the forest Gacha * Grazing Deer (5LI)
shine by [ZD] Tales from the forest Gacha * Fallen Log (3LI)
shine by [ZD] Tales from the forest Gacha * Little Pond RARE
shine by [ZD] Tales from the forest Gacha * Ruins large (3LI)
shine by [ZD] Tales from the forest Gacha * Sleeping Bear RARE
shine by [ZD] Tales from the forest Gacha *Wild Bush (2LI)

shine by [ZD]Tales from the forest Gacha POSTER final.png

textCool gacha stuff from Gabriel @ TMD :

::GB:: Coat Inner Shirt – 2 colors 2 versions
::GB:: Metal line shoes with socks black
::GB:: Wool coat TMP or standard Black
::GB:: Wool coat Gray Fur
::GB:: Wool Pants TMP or standard Black

Good luck @ TMD HERE

Main store ::GB:: Gabriel

Finally out the cool hair base 5 Etched – Monumentum for TMP

Made by AITUI

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
angel gacha

Amazing Gacha from ::GB:: Gabriel

Heavenly Warrior Pants, Gladiator Sandals and Feather Stole.
All available in different colors. Wonderful idea from Gabriel

Pose “Mood” from RM Art of poses

Fly to Fantasy Gacha

Main store ::GB:: Gabriel