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D-Style : Awesome pant with HUD

Come to D-Style


“The ideal man doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t swear,
doesn’t get angry, doesn’t exist”…..*winks 😛
skull shirt

:: D-Style – Deviant Skull Sweater ::

Comes with HUD for different styles or uni colors. Awesome 😉

Come to D-Style


Delirium Style offers new winter trends with this awesome legit pants
camo. You get HUD for many texture changes for pant, leg, pocket, metal and buttons.
This pant is available in few different styles. It´s mesh !

Now at D- Style

baggy knit sweater_001

Delirium Style offers new winter trends with this awesome
Baggy Knit Sweater inclusive HUD for 12 sweater textures and 8 under shirt colors.
Keeps you warm and looks cool 😉 . It´s mesh.

Made by D- Style


D-Style has this cool denim jacket with shirt out.
You get a HUD too where you can change the texture of shirt.
You have 18 different options, awesome ! It´s mesh.

Made by D- Style

shane hoodie_002
D-Style have this new Hoodie SHANE !
Its mesh and comes with few sizes – also you get a HUD to change
texture of jacket ( 20 for jacket and 8 for shirt )

Made by D- Style

:: D-Style – cap snapback :: HATER

Cool cap …. available in few different styles

Made by D- Style

:: D-Style – Bennet Pants :: ASSHOLE

Cool pant – available also in different styles like BOSS / FUCKS GIVEN / UNHOLY and more….lol
It´s mesh so you get few sizes.

Made by D- Style

New at Delirium Style : Alex Shirt, Tie & Waistcoat with HUD.

In HUD you have texure options for vest and tie… stuff ….get it 😉

Made by D- Style

D-Style Jason Hood Jacket w.HUD_003
D-Style Jason Hood Jacket

Includes HUD with 6 styles for jacket and 14 styles for shirt !
You get few sizes plus alpha.

Made by D- Style