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[Hipster Style] : Colin combo pack, includes Hairbase, Facialhair, Brows, Moles, Face Tattoo, Neck Tattoo.

Now @ The Crossroads Event

CATWA  : Mesh Bento head Daniel (  you  need bento viewer )



[AR2 Style]  :  Mimetic Face @ The Crossroads Event 


no.match_   :  NO OFFENCE @ ON9

Gabriel : Body belt @ KINKY

Gabriel : Buckle strap pants with boots @ FaMESHed

[Hipster Style] : Karl Tattoo for new round of Crossroads

hair aa2.png

[Hipster Style] : Rhys Facial Hair for new round of Crossroads

[Hipster Style] : Rhys Hair Base for new round of Crossroads

[Hipster Style] : Karl Tattoo for new round of Crossroads


sharp by [ZD] : CATO V-NECK JUMPER @ The Crossroads Event

no.match_  :  NO_LYRICS / unisex  beanie with hair, new  @ HAIROLOGY

blog alle.png

// Ascend // : Hachiro Pants & Boots @ TMD

[AR2 Style] :Taurus Septum Piercing @ The Crossroads Event

[AR2 Style] :  Horns Ears Piercing @ Sad November

no.match_  . NO UNDERSTANDING  ( unisex) new  release.



FashionNatic : Crosar male Necklace

[Hipster Style] : Paul Tattoo @ The Crossroads Event 

[Hipster Style] :  Conan Face Tattoo @ The Crossroads Event 

[Hipster Style]  : Sam Facial Hair  @ The Crossroads Event 


JASON_021 croped.png

[Hipster Style] :  Jason 2 tattoo @ Crossroads Event

[Hipster Style] : Jason facial beard +hair base  @ Crossroads Event


BUNT TAT text.png

[Hipster Style] Dustin Tattoo @ The Crossroads Event 

[Hipster Style] Dustin Hair Base@ The Crossroads Event