FashionNatic : Seamus


MESH Seamus Outfit FashionNatic +Optional Slink Shoes

This outfit contains:

* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Jacket with Shirt
* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Jeans Pants
* Sneakers (re sizable) – Optional Rigged Slink Version
* HUD to choose 2 Colors for the pants, 10 Colors for the Shirt and 3 Colors for the jacket.
* Alpha

Made by FashionNatic


FashionNatic : Paciano


MESH Paciano Outfit FashionNatic

This outfit contains:

* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Jacket with Shirt
* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Pants
* Mesh Shoes (resize script)
* Mesh Necklace
* Alpha (multiple versions for other viewers)

Made by FashionNatic

[ hoorenbeek ] : Maverick


Is an easy way to get a complete look and the price is unbeatable; you can buy a few outfits and get a lot of products to mix and match, giving you the chance to create your own style with multiple combinations. And this concept came up with a simple idea: “Save L$, Stay Cool”

And you know they do their best to give you the best Mesh Outfits you can find on the Grid.
Thanks to Mesh, you will be able to wear a GREAT LOOKING and REALISTIC outfits..
Look better, save L$ and enjoy this new and awesome Mesh outfit.
Made with the finest low polys, carefully rigged and with handcrafted textures, this outfit will give you the look you want for yourself.
Show your friends the Next Step of SL Evolution.

Discover [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Outfits.
Awesome outfit with a LOT of attitude.
Remember: A different look will give you the edge.
The Mesh Products on the bag include 3 sizes for a perfect fit without need to modify your shape.
Also, the outfit contains some of the best sculpted accessories you will find in SL
So, treat yourself with this complete outfit and get your new look.

Enjoy our dedication and care for detail with this excellent outfit and wear it in style.
Experience [ hoorenbeek ] yourself.

.:: Features:
100% High quality mesh model
Everything in 3 different sizes for a perfect fit
Ultra realistic textures
Include alpha layers
Boots with removable low lag script.
Note: Always remember to make a backup copy of your product before modifying it

.:: Contents in the box.
[ h ] Alpha – Maverick
[ h ] Alpha Jacket – Open – S / M / L
[ h ] Original Jeans – Low Rise – Open Boots Version – S / M / L
[ h ] Tee for Jackets – Buttoned – Grey – Half tucked LR – S / M / L
[ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Western Belt – Low Rise – S / M / L
[ h ] Mesh – Army Boots – Men – Chocolate – Left
[ h ] Mesh – Army Boots – Men – Chocolate – Right
[ hoorenbeek ] Retro – Men (Nose Attach)
[ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Instructions

Experience [ hoorenbeek ] yourself.

[Red]Sand : Fallen


Complete outfit now from [Red]Sand called “Fallen “.

Rigged Mesh in sizes XS – S – M – L – XL.
Mesh jacket to wear in 8 colors and 14 under
Shirt options on a HUD drive
Pants in 8 colors and 5 stud buttons
Bonus had in color option
Two set of shoes, black and leopard print
Bonnet hat

Really much options to create an outfit you will like for sure 🙂

Made by [Red]Sand