“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.”

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no.match_ :  NO SCENE @  MOM


Yasum : New York-Set @  MOM

DossiEr : Sneakers Effectual @  MOM

Location :  Tralala´s Diner




Roy Mildor – Art Visions……open now !


Attending to the SL15B Community Celebration 2018.
I´m very proud to been invited and exhibit some art works which theme is crystal this year.

This is one piece you can visit at Event and also you can purchase for your SL home!

C ya there ☻


Levi Zuzu

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🌼 Levi Zuzu 🌼 , an amazing singer/songwriter musician , born in the UK and raised up in Germany singing great cover and also originals.

Levi has not only brought his passion and experience, but also his enjoyment of singing into Second Life for one and all to enjoy and observe as well.
Song example 

He jumped from 0 to the top in the SL music scene within only 4 weeks and now people are excited everywhere on the Grid. 💗
His vocals are both, unique and impressive…a voice of heaven that you don’t want to miss. 👏
If you like booking Levi Zuzu for your own party or venue please contact me Roy Mildor in-world 😉