“The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.”


KHD: Cyber Freak Mask  @ MOM

POE:   Recon Watch 1.0  @ MOM

Letis Tattoo : Animals :: SS19001 ::

Meva : Cedric Pants @ TMD


“How to have a beach body: 1. Have a body 2. Go to the beach…..!” :D

TATTOO SAI  and mom neu.png

Left guy :

TOP STRIKER : Awesome celtic body tattoo “SAI” – unisex,

exclusive @  XXX EVENT

For Signature, Maitreya, Slink, Omega, Belleza and classic avatar !

Matova : Gianni – Hadley Swim Trunk  @ MOM

MF : Daniel head Bento Got Tail Beard @ Man Cave


Right guy :

TOP STRIKER :  LION Tattoo for Signature Body.

FashionNatic :  JOSE swimsuit @ MOM


“To be truly positive in the eyes of some, you have to risk appearing negative in the eyes of others.”


FashionNatic :  JOSE swimsuit @ MOM

Letis Tattoo :  :: Thai Khmer :: MM19005

Kokoro Poses : Marvin  poses with  prop @ MOM

Top Striker : CATWA face tattoo F** OFF.

MF : Daniel head Bento Got Tail Beard @ Man Cave

[VENDETTA ] : IAN skin Tone #6 for Catwa, Lelutka and Omega @ MOM

no.match_ : NO START  hair @ MOM

“It sounds so simple, but if you just be yourself, you’re different than anyone else!”

amias female 3 cool bento_010.png

RM ~Art of poses ~  that makes your image !

Now you can pose everywhere on no rezzing sims !

FEMALE 3 POSE HUD “Cool” with 5 cool  poses for your photography.

No cheap pre-loaded poses which no one needs.
Only EXCLUSIVE high quality works, modern and made for your mesh avatar ( works also with SL AVA ) . These  poses  are Bento ☻

Taxi to Main Store

amias :  Cool Gacha OLOV ( sneakers, hat, mask, bracelet, googles) @ MOM

[Gild] : Around rope pant ( black )

[Gild] : Rib tank with arm cover ( Gianni )

“Life is just a chance to grow a soul.”

vango natic gild vendetta birth_011 2.png

TOP STRIKER :  Combo “Hater” with facial hair and face tattoo´s !

For Catwa mesh head and classic avatars. EXCLUSIVE for  xxx Original Event !

Top Striker is looking for cool blogger !

Fill your application HERE

[VENDETTA ] : Jason Skin T6 @ MOM

Birth  : ‘Tribal Arrow’ Scarification Appliers @ FANTASY FAIRE 2019

[Gild] : Mesh leather necklace @ MOM

Vango: Noah men hair @ MOM

FashionNatic : ALAN Jogger Pant @ MOM

K&S : Nathan Bento poses @ MOM

K&S : Sea front /Backdrop @ MOM