“I give thanks everyday that I’ve been able to take my craziness and make it work for me!”

custom smeaker_001.png


::GB:: Take me leash 2018
Compatible with Catwa BENTO head
Male include 6type/ Daniel, Dino, Victor, Skell, Shaheen, Stanley

Female include 22type/ catya, Blueberry, Lee, Margeaux, Strawberry, Eva, Steffi, Kittia, Keme, Ciara, Uma, Lilly, Magy, Sofia, Hanako, Kimberly, Lilo, Kathy, Lona, Tala, Pink, Koura

White / Black (3 color change metal color)

Now @ Kinky Event

Birth  : ‘Benjamin’ Catwa Skin Tone #4

CATWA : Mesh Bento Head “Daniel”


“If you feel like giving up, look back at how far you’ve come.”


TOP STRIKER : Cool men Tattoo “Clyde”  ( arms, front, back )

Natural realistic fade.

* Appliers HUD Omega System ( for compatible body and hands ).
* Standard Avatar Tattoo
* Belleza Applier
* Signature Applier
*Omega Applier

amias : TOMO  gloves @ MOM

REBELLION : Regiment Boots -Signature @ MOM

RKKN: Bachelor’s pants Dark Grey/Signature Gianni

RKKN: Bachelor’s Vest Grey-Black Buttons/Signature Gianni

Location : Miss C