“Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”


E.V.E :

Blossom Gazebo White Ice. It would be at E.V.E Main store only at 50L while the event is on. After it and until the 6th will be at 75L for group members. Regular price: 300L.

100% Original Mesh Design

~3 types: open (A; 13 Prims), shutter (B; 16p) and cage (C; 16p)
~Switch light bulb on/off by touch

“Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.”


Legal Insanity : Lennon denim with chain @ Fameshed

Ascend  : Ron Kurta Shirt (Signature)

~TDC~ : Old shelter with Bento animations and multitexture menu for wood,
fabrics and graffitis. Land impact 11

This shelter contains :
13 female and 13 male single sit animations
54 cuddles (19 Bento)
inside the shelter, standing on the side, standing behind it

Vango: Tyler hair  @ Uber

Location : Devin´s Eye

“In your hesitation i found my answer!”

NECK WHOS BAD v_005 new.png

Legal Insanity : Jett denim Jeans @ Fameshed

~TDC~ : Very Old Row Boat

This mesh boat has a land impact of 6 prims and has 25 couple animations and 13 single sit poses (including a fishing animation).
It’s not a vehicle but mainly to decorate your pier/docks or shore.

You will find 2 versions :
– on-off swing movement by touch
– non-stop swing movement

Devin´s Eye


Welcome to Devin´s Eye ❤
Unique – 2 sims in 1 !

Devin 1 : A wonderful sim , full of nature, landscape, cuddle places or just hang outs.
Take your lover to a romantic dance, enjoy the view from our pier or relax at beach.

Many amazing photogenic spots awaits you – a paradise for all photography lovers.

Taxi Devin 1 : maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Devins%20Eye/131/72/23

Devin 2 : Extraordinary desert sim in Africa style with wild animals surrounded by fabulous sand, photogenic spots and sandstorm. Realistic Africa feeling – you will love it.
Devin 2 was build as one of the first Desert sims like this. Few tried to copy, but we are the original 🙂

Taxi Devin 2 : maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Devins%20Eye/64/166/2970

Devin´s Eye Opening

Snapshot_068 wasser bw.jpg

I´m proud to announce we can open our Devin´s Eye sim ❤

We will open on 2th June with a great concert with Wolfie Moonshadow on stage from 12 pm slt.

I put all my love and passion into building the sim, much cuddle places, or dance or just hang out with your lover or friends.

I made a lot of wonderful photogenic spots for all photography fans, you will love it 🙂

Come and join our Devin group at landing point. It will give you rezz rights for small things.

Yaaaayyyaayyyyyy…….. WE ARE BACK <333


“I would love feeling your nails digging into my skin……”


~TDC~ Wingback bed

This bed both classy and sober comes with a large choice of textures and animations. It could fit in many different room decors, from modern to classic and art deco or victorian settings.
Some of the textures have materials. This is highly recommended that you come see all the textures inworld.

– Wall lamp multitexture included (LI 1~2)

The bed has a land impact of 6 prims.

– 61 couple cuddles & couple sleep animations
– 168 couple adult animations

Xenials :  Relax 98 Sweats [Gianni]  @  MOM

RedFish : American Tattoo  for HME

Soul Identity :  Bag decor V3 c4 @  MOM