Shop and Hop Halloween 2021

DRD: All 50% off at Shop and Hop Halloween 2021 DRD is on the Frosted region.

Published by

Roy Mildor

I´m experienced SL photographer since 2010. Blogger for : LOB Store, L´Emporio, EVE, Giz Seorn, FashionNatic, no match, Ascend,TDC Designs, Catwa, Legal Insanity, Letis Tattoo, ROZOREGALIA, MOVE Animations Cologne, Top Striker, MOM Event, Magnificent, RM Art Of Poses, Okara, Nero, Birth, Gild, Vango, remezzo, Moonstone, hoorenbeek, Paragon Dance Animations, Invictus, DRD, hoorenbeek ----- So If you want me to blog for you, don’t hesitate and send me an IM in-world or just email me.

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