“If you’re hotter than me, then that means I’m cooler than you.” :D

Posted: June 17, 2016 in Fashion Events, Men Fashion, Mesh Heads, TATTOOS
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[Hipster Style]  Markus Hairbase
This Hairbase is UNISEX and coming with appliers for TMP, CATWA, NO!PROJECT, SLINK, OMEGA, CLASSIC AVATAR.

[Hipster Style]  Markus Face Tattoo
This Face Tattoo is UNISEX and coming in 3 tones (Dark – Medium – Light) with appliers for TMP, CATWA, OMEGA, CLASSIC AVATAR

NEW RELEASE FOR    MOM   (June Round)
[Hipster Style]  Markus Est 1988 Tattoo including  much appliers.


CATWA  : Mesh head  JUSTIN  Fatpack

Justin Head will be sold with many Add-Ons, so you could purchase only the add-ons that you need. The items related for this Head are:
1- Head without Add-Ons
2- 5 Default static lips Add-On
3- Blinking animations Add-On
4- Talking animations Add-On
5- 9 Full face expressions Add-On
6- 9 eyes X 9 Lips expressions Add-On
7- Fatpack including Head

Try the  DEMO  today. Taxi to STORE.


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