New Releases !

1.FashionNatic : Essex complete outfit
This outfit contains:

* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Shirt
* 5 sizes Riged Mesh Vest
* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Pants
* Mesh Shoes (resizable) Optional Rigged Slink Version
* Hud to choose 35 Colors for the Shirt , 30 Colors for the Vest, 25 colors for the Pants and 25 Colors for the Shoes.
* Alpha
Check out more outfits at store !

Snapshot_005 croped
[Red]Sand : Skin Guilty (pale)
(Red) Sand originals are a completely new skin package system. This set here is a mix with a little bit of every skin tone and complexion.

In this package you get:

– 22 skins regular and shine
– variants of 25 body hair intensity (including clean shaven) tattoo layers
– hair bases on the skins (and bold one )
– 1 body shape
– 1 eyebrow shaper

This set creates the possibility to create a unique skin. Additional enhancements and upgrades are sold separately at our store. Here you can get skins, unique faces, realistic bodies, original style beards, make-up and all things that will make you a desirable and unique man.

Mix & Match:
Check out the in world store or our other marketplace items for face enhancements like eye shades, face paint, and other ways to customize this skin with tattoo layers.
Also please check out the 40 different facial hair options in our store!


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