[ hoorenbeek ] : Be elegant


[ hoorenbeek ]There are some items -basic items- you must have in your wardrobe.
A classic and timeless tux is one of them.
A good tux is always a bold move and people notice it.
The ladies, especially.

This new Mesh Classic Tuxedo includes a lot of options. Those options will allow you to create multiple combinations; you can wear it with or without vest and with closed or open jacket.
The included shirt comes in many options: Tucked, un-tucked, open, closed, etc.
Also, you will find versions to wear it alone, with jacket or with vest.
The bow tie also comes in two options: laced and unlaced.
And it fits perfectly.

Made with the finest low polys, carefully rigged and with beautiful handcrafted textures, this tux will give you the chance to get the style you want.
In the end, it`s all about details, and this product have many of them. All in this new Mesh Tuxedo will give you a sharp, elegant and realistic look
So treat yourself with the most versatile, realistic and complete tux you will find.

Experience [ hoorenbeek ] yourself.


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