AITUI : New Releases

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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ears new and tattoo
* Brand new for 2015: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, Pierced
They have introduced a new feature: Not only have added TATTOOS, now you are able to seamlessly switch between different ear styles via the included HUD.
This allows you to instantly change up your look without the hassle of detaching and reattaching your ears.
*High detailed mesh w/HUD control
*Seamlessly switch between 3 different ear styles!
*Original, Prominent, Formal ear styles
*20 skin textures custom matched to today’s hottest skins!
*18 tattoos w/tinter + on/off
*5 pierce sets w/tinter + on/off
*3 metal textures: black, gold, silver

/////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////

* Cool new upper body tattoo ” FLIGHT OVER FEAR”
in 3 shadow tones.

Made by AITUI


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