[ hoorenbeek ] soccer world cup

[ hoorenbeek ] soccer  world cup

Wear your colors with pride.
Based on one of our best selling products, these commemorative jackets were made after all the received requests from many of our customers.

They have the same options that the original ones (open, closed, with and without rolled up sleeves, etc.) and more: with these jackets, you will have the option to create your own World Cup Outfits because, included with every jacket, you will find a pair of matching pants, a scarf and a turtleneck. Check this shop for more country’s .

Also, this is a great casual jacket that will give you many chances to create different looks and styles. You wont find a better one, and certainly, no sport jacket on the Grid will give you all these options.

Made with the finest low polys, carefully rigged and with handcrafted textures, this jacket will give you the chance to get the style you want.

The bag includes 3 sizes for a perfect fit with almost any shape on the Grid .
Enjoy our dedication and care for detail with this amazing jacket and wear it in style.
Show your friends the next step of SL Evolution.

Anyway …..who will win ?? 😉

[ hoorenbeek ] Complete your Second Life


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