[ hoorenbeek ] Leather Boots – Rogan

[ hoorenbeek ]  Leather  Boots - Rogan

If you are looking for some of the best, iconic, classic and timeless boots on the Grid, these boots are for you.
These amazing boots include 2 options: A short version to wear under your pants and a regular version to wear over your pants.
Also, the Rogan Boots are Materials Viewer Ready.
What does this mean?
It means that this boots have dynamic lighting effects and looks as realistic as possible.
The leather shines like it does in real life. As its orientation to light sources change, the brights move with them and don’t stay static like in the past, when the lights were painted static on the products and didn’t change dynamically.
In the bag, you will find a Materials ready version, a standard version (for residents who don’t have Materials activated), and a cool mixed version, so both people with and without materials can see it.

So, treat yourself with one of this best products so far, the cool and realistic Mesh Rogan Boots, Materials Viewer Ready.

[ hoorenbeek ] Complete your Second Life


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