[ hoorenbeek ] Trucker Jacket with Jeans

[ hoorenbeek ]  Trucker Jacket with Jeans

[ hoorenbeek ] Style :

This is a jacket you will love.
Not only because of its quality but also for all the options you will have with it.
This is a very complete and versatile product, so take the time to check all the options.
The Mesh Trucker Jacket comes in 4 different styles and match with their Mesh products.
And of course, the jacket includes 3 sizes to fit any shape on the Grid, and all the alphas you need, including some full body options too.

We always need a good pair of jeans.
They are some of those basic products we all need in our wardrobe.
And let´s face it, a GOOD pair of jeans is hard to find. We know it, and that´s why we´ve been working hard to create one of the best jeans on the Grid. And with more options than any other jeans you will find.

These cool, classic and amazing jeans come in low rise, high rise and you can wear them with or without the four different belts you will find in the bag.
Also, these jeans inclue five styles.
Yes, FIVE.
A classic version, a boot cut version and 3 more different versions to wear with different kind of boots (tall, medium or open); check the images to see how great they are.

Made with the finest low polys you can find, carefully rigged and with handcrafted textures, these jeans will give you many options.
Every colour includes Low and High Rise versions, options to wear the jeans with or without belt and 4 different belt styles (brown, black, silver or gold belt buckle). Just check the contents on the box. You will be amazed.
Also, they match perfectly with our other Mesh Products.

Experience [ hoorenbeek ] yourself


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