::ZED:: Shiney Black Vinyl Jacket

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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::ZED::  Shiney Black Vinyl Jacket

FULL Version ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: Vinyl Jacket & Skull Shirt + HUD.- Shiney Black

► AVAILABLE in 3 Colours – see related items!

►► ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: Shiney Black Vinyl Jacket w/ HUD & Optional Skull Shirt. Available in 3 Colours – FULL.

►►► FEATURES: MATERIALS ENABLED. We take full advantage of the new viewer Materials with the most exquisite of details rendered when you enable advanced lighting.

Check out the NEW Shiney Metallic Vinyl Jackets with Optional Skull Shirt (includes a simple Light & Dark Skull HUD).

Available in 3 Colours: Shiney Black, Metallic Red & Metallic Blue. All Materials Enabled and includes a NO Shirt Version of the Jacket.

Try the DEMO today! Group Members enjoy a further 10% Off Inworld!

I hope you enjoy the versatility of this HUD, it’s essentially the equivalent of a mini fat-pack without all the unpacking 😉

Made by ::ZED::


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