::ZED:: Black Whistler Cyber Vest

::ZED::  Black Whistler Cyber Vest

FULL Version ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: Whistler Cyber Vest – Black.

► AVAILABLE in 9 Colours – see related items!

►► ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: Black Whistler Cyber Vest. Available in 9 Colours – FULL.

►►► FEATURES: MATERIALS ENABLED. We take full advantage of the new viewer Materials with the most exquisite of details rendered when you enable advanced lighting.

More Materials Goodness with our Latest Release – Whistler Cyber Vests are a must have!

They look awesome with any ::ZED:: MESH Pants & wait till you see the awesome detail with Advanced Lighting turned on 😉

Available in 9 Colours including: Black, Silver, White, Red, Blue, Cyan, Purple, Gold & Bronze.

Try a DEMO today! 10% Off In-world for Group Members!

Made by ::ZED::


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